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Program Objectives

This 5th international conference will focus on effective care pathways in clinical homeopathy to help physicians in specific pathologies where individualized care is essential:

  • Cardiovascular management
    By implementing lifestyle changes and supporting our patients, cardiovascular pathologies can now be managed effectively. Through clinical experiences of cardiologists and primary care physicians the use of homeopathy will be discussed in the framework of comprehensive cardiovascular management both in the acute and chronic stages of cardiac pathologies.
  • Ob/Gyn and woman’s health
    Woman’s health and Ob/Gyn issues will be addressed thoroughly at CEDH 2016. There are many situations for which conventional medicine does not bring a satisfactory treatment to our patients and that is the reason why homeopathy has such an important role to play in women’s health, from hormonal imbalance to painful and heavy periods, pregnancy and delivery, menopause and every day issues.
  • Aging Gracefully with Homeopathy
    Aging is a natural process very much influenced by our terrain and the way we take care of our body. Homeopathy has a vital role in taking care of each person individually. The aim is obviously not to stop the aging process itself but to help the patient age gracefully in the best possible way..
  • Skin disorders
    Acute but mainly chronic skin disorders are some of the great therapeutic targets of homeopathy. By working on the terrain and local symptoms of the condition we are able to treat them without using steroids or other potentially toxic drugs.
  • Autoimmune problems in children and adults
    The real question is: what can we offer in conventional medicine outside of local treatment for each symptom-that occurs during the course of these autoimmune diseases?. Homeopathy often has the capacity, by working on the terrain, therefore the individual as a whole, to halt and treat these pathologies, sometimes as an adjuvant to traditional medicines, enhancing their effects.
  • Pain management in chronic and acute pathologies
    Pain management requires a multidisciplinary approach that addresses not only the physical component, but also the mental and emotional components. Homeopathic medications can be an integral part of this multidisciplinary approach since they are useful in acute and chronic pain and with pediatric and adult patients. They can be used as stand-alone treatment or integrated alongside more conventional medications, both in terms of increasing pain relief and reducing side-effects.
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