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Dr. Youngran Chung

This online presentation is designed to educate and assist health care practitioners involved in delivering patient care. These homeopathic guidelines for treating and managing common respiratory conditions in children and adolescents were developed by Dr. Youngran Chung based on her knowledge and clinical experience.

These guidelines are practical and easy to integrate into your own practice.

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Student Testimonials

“I am a Family Physician and I incorporate homeopathy in my practice when appropriate. The patients love it. They appreciate the fact that there are no side effects, no contraindications and, most importantly, they appreciate that their doctor is open to other methods of therapy. The CEDH course is quite comprehensive. The course professor, Dr. Ronald Boyer, has such a deep knowledge of homeopathy that it is a pleasure to attend the classes. There is also a very friendly learning atmosphere. I am very happy that I have done the course and look forward to continue practicing homeopathy in my office.”
Albert Levy, MD, FAAFP
New York, NY

“I had been incorporating homeopathy into my integrative pediatric practice for several years prior to taking the CEDH course, and I can honestly give my highest recommendation for the CEDH course as THE course to take for the busy physician who wants to learn a comprehensive and immediately practical way to incorporate homeopathy into their clinical practice. Homeopathy has provided me with an invaluable tool to successfully treat my children with acute illness as well as complex and chronic conditions such as asthma, eczema, and autoimmune illness – without the side effects of the increasingly aggressive off-label pharmaceuticals that are now being employed. I encourage all medical practitioners to take this course and explore the power and potential that homeopathy has to offer their patients.”
Elisa H. Song, MD, FAAP
Whole Child Wellness, Belmont, CA

“I find that the joy of medicine has returned as I learn homeopathy.  It is a gentle and powerful form of medicine that I could start using on my patients the day after the first seminar.  The teachers are fantastic!  I wish I had this course in medical school.  Homeopathy is synergistic and complimentary to osteopathy as well.  I am so glad I found this class and my patients are too!.”
Kate McCaffrey, DO
Family Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, Arcata, CA

“The CEDH course allows me to utilize my experience of more than 20 years in clinical practice. I am using homeopathic medicines in my practice on a daily basis for a variety of conditions. Dr. Boyer was not exaggerating when he stated on the first day of the CEDH course that homeopathy will restore the pleasure to practicing medicine.”
Larry Baskind, MD, FAAP
Riverside Pediatrics, Croton-on-Hudson, NY

“Understanding the indications for homeopathy has significantly increased my therapeutic armamentarium, providing me with new options for the treatments of children’s benign ailments. Ten years and many happy families later, homeopathy is often still my first line of treatment in children.”
Nathalie Stern, MD
Pediatrician, New York, NY

“The CEDH course gave us the foundation needed to incorporate the practice of homeopathy into our OB/GYN/midwifery practice. We have patients that ask us for “something else” that will help them during pregnancy, postpartum or with or a health problem on a daily basis. After the first weekend of the CEDH course, we began to use homeopathic medicines to treat common health concerns. We now have a safe, trusted therapeutic alternative to offer to the women we care for. Many have come back to ask us about treatment for family members or have referred other women to us. We stock over 60 homeopathic medicines in our office. After two years of hard work, we have been able to add 18 homeopathic medicines to our hospital formulary for use during labor, birth, and postpartum.”
Rachel Johns, MSN, CNM
Nancy Loewen, MSN, CNM
Fairhaven Obstetrics & Gynecology, Inc.
Goshen Birth Center, Goshen, IN 

“I have been in family practice for 20 years. My concern has always been the side effects that I see with almost every medicine that my patients use. I treat one problem, and later on, I get calls regarding obvious side effects my patients are experiencing. The more latent side effects that I see but that the patients do not connect to their medicines worry me even more. Last year, I got an email regarding homeopathy that caught my interest. I didn’t know what to expect , but I took the CEDH course with an open mind. With every single class, I realized I made the right decision, and I found what I was looking for—an alternative treatment without side effects for my patients. Now it has completely changed how I practice medicine. I thought I was a “good doctor” before because I wanted the best for my patients. Now, I have the tools necessary to do so without causing harm that is normally associated with allopathic medicine. I highly recommend this course to any doctor in any field of medicine. A few months will change how you practice for the rest of your life.”
Antonio Barajas, MD
Chicago, IL