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Learning a Comprehensive Therapeutic

Homeopathy offers physicians a comprehensive solution in several clinical situations, mainly in situations where the terrain and individual reactions of the patient are involved. Homeopathy’s practice is not just a nosological approach of the patient. Learning the Materia Medica and its therapeutic application cannot be dissociated from clinical observation, which takes into account, on top of the disease’s diagnosis, all of the patient’s characteristics and medical history.

Objectives of the CEDH Educational Programs:

  • To discover homeopathy’s potential and limits
  • To expand therapeutic possibilities
  • To learn to treat chronic and recurrent diseases
  • To have a less iatrogenic approach (pediatrics, anxious-depressive disorders)
  • To respect the latest scientific and medical recommendations
  • To provide cost-efficient care

Who should take olderstudentthe training course?

The CEDH course is open to DO’s, MD’s, Midwives, Nurses, ND’s, PA’s, and Pharmacists

This course is designed for practitioners who would like to expand their daily practice and need answers to questions that often come up in today’s medical practice. This course will enable students to:

  • Discover homeopathy and its place in today’s clinical practice
  • Learn about homeopathic therapeutics
  • Learn new ways to treat both acute and chronic diseases


Once registered, students are able to attend any of the online classes or the in person locations for free. Therefore, if a student misses a seminar, he or she can attend the following year or at a different location. Also, a student can re-attend any lecture. Our students find this flexibility very convenient.

Web Forum

It is important to be confident in prescribing homeopathic medicines. An active web forum is offered to CEDH students. Almost 500 students participate in this forum, sharing their difficult cases, and their successes. Teachers and other students will give pointers to help them. The forum is also used for networking and for other related questions. With the CEDH web forum, every student is part of a community.

Course Topics

The course associates theory with clinical training and will cover: 

  • The origin of homeopathic medicines, their manufacture and pharmacology
  • Therapeutic possibilities in common pathologies
  • The most common homeopathic medicines, their symptoms and their most frequent indications
  • Dosage
  • In-depth Materia Medica
  • One general module, followed by three specialty modules
  • 200 medicines presented overall

Module 1
General Principles of Clinical Homeopathy – 34 hours of training
Pre-requisite to all other specialty modules.

Speciality Modules – up to 102 hours of training

Module 2
ENT, Pediatrics, Digestive, & Circulatory Disorders – 34 hours of training

Module 3
Women’s Health, Dermatology – 34 hours of training

Module 4
Pain Management, Behavioral Disorders – 34 hours of training

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Interactive tools include:

  • Multimedia presentations
  • Up to 136 hours of theory and practical training
  • Learning tools handouts
  • Books:
    • Pharmacology and Homeopathic Materia Medica
    • Memento Book

Complimentary for students with Full enrollment:

  • 24/7 Forum access
  • Postgraduate online trainings

CEDH Diploma

Upon completion of the course, students will have the opportunity to write a final examination. If successful, they will graduate and be awarded a CEDH diploma.

Course Fees

  • Full Enrollment (by October 10th) – $1,600
  • Full Enrollment (after October 10th) – $2,400
  • Full Enrollment (Student/Resident) – $600
  • Full Enrollment – Natural Partners Clients and OCA Members, Group of 4 HCPs – $1,400