Who teaches the course?

The course is taught by MD’s and DO’s experienced in the daily practice of Clinical homeopathy.

Who are the students?

The students are medical doctors, doctors in osteopathy, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacist and Midwives. The course is also available for medical students and residents.

What make the CEDH course better than other homeopathic courses?

This course is taught by a team of experienced physicians with the best educational material to give to their students. The CEDH course was developed in 1972 and, since then, more than 3,000 physicians are being trained each year in more than 20 countries. A balanced teaching methodology between know how and know to. What makes it the best is because it gives you the ability to apply the method after every weekend session.

It is interactive; you can even bring one of your difficult case patient during the session and, in between, you are not left alone as there is an interactive web forum where you can share your cases (see testimonial videos).

Do I have to attend every seminar?

As physicians and NP’s are very busy, the course is flexible. If you miss a session, not only will the material will be provided to you, but you will have the opportunity to attend that missed session in any other location or you can come back for free the following year.

How can I catch up if I miss seminars or part of a weekend?

If you miss a session, not only will the material will be provided to you, but you will have the opportunity to attend that missed session in any other location or you can come back for free the following year.

Do I need to take the test to practice homeopathy?

No, you can start integrating homeopathy after every weekend session.

Do you teach single or combination medicines?

The course is non-commercial. It teaches the principle of homeopathy, and how to use single homeopathic medicine (generic medicines).

How many medicines will be covered?           

The course goes over 150 homeopathic medicines registered in the HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States).

Homeopathic medicines are regulated as drug by FDA and have been since 1938.1

Is this a good way to network?

Yes, more than 400 physicians are on the CEDH web forum. You can share your success stories and ask questions about your difficult cases, helping you integrate homeopathy into your daily practice. The network also helps you to boost your confidence level and your pleasure in practicing homeopathy.

Will homeopathy increase my revenue?

More and more patients are looking for homeopathic practitioners. Therefore if the physicians promote homeopathy, it should increase his or her visibility.

Does it take longer to see patients with homeopathy?

Sometimes it takes a little longer during the initial visit depending on whether the case is acute or chronic. It also depends on the homeopathic experience of the physician.

How can my patients get the medicines? Do I have to carry them in my office?

It is up to the doctor‘s choice. Doctors can carry medicines in their office or they can recommend to a local store.

Do you teach classical homeopathy? What is the difference?

The CEDH course teaches clinical homeopathy, based on the Materia Medica, pharmacology and symptoms of the patient. Classical homeopathy is based on repertorisation.

Will I get support in between seminars?

Yes, you will get support after the sessions. There is a web forum with active mentorship (most of the teachers can answer your questions). The network of practitioners on the web forum is very supportive for newcomers.

I might have to move to another state/travel in the middle of the year. Can I follow the course in another city besides the one I signed up for?

The course is very flexible, taught in five cities in the United States. The sessions rotate every week-end; so if you miss a course in NYC, for example, you can catch up the next week-end in Baltimore. Or if you move from LA to Chicago, you can join your colleagues from Chicago.

What is the CEDH cancellation policy?

Students can request a full refund 30 days prior to session 1. After the first session the student can request a partial refund for full tuition less the cost of course materials.

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