Homeopathic Case Studies Volume II: Practical Observations for Teaching Purposes (with Commentaries)


Author: CEDH
Published:  1999 | Pages: 127



Six practitioners – Drs Daniel Berthier in Lyon, Jacques Boulet in Paris, Aimé Holtzscherer in Agen, Philippe Marijnen in Reims, Jean-Jacques Maurice in Rennes, and Guy Villano in Avignon – contribute their experience and working methods in this volume.

The justification of the choice of a particular observation, the comments and discussions, along with a large degree of freedom in the layout, and the presence of a margin for explanatory notes throughout the text, are all factors which allowed each individual author to express his personality and his manner of passing on his expertise.

This work takes its place in the collection that began with Homeopathic Case Studies, which was published in 1992 under the supervision of Dr Denis Demarque.