Frameworks & Protocols in Obstetrics and Gynecology


Authors: Chavret, Demonceaux and Donner
Published: 2012 | Pages: 203



Gynecologist/obstetrician specialists, midwives and of course family physicians are now, more than ever, turning towards homeopathy to find answers to questions daily encountered in their clinical practice:

  • What therapeutic can we purpose to our patients during their pregnancy and when breastfeeding their baby that is completely harmless for the mother and her child?
  • What answers are available for patients when hormone therapy is contraindicated or simply not wanted?
  • How can we approach and treat desperately recurrent pathologies such as urinary tract infections, genital herpes or yeast infections when the individual terrain is obviously involved?
  • How can we take into account the patient’s anxiety and psychological state when it has an obvious impact on her health without using psychotropic drugs with adverse side effects?

This book aims at bringing answers to all these questions. It is also a guide for physicians who want to integrate homeopathy in their Ob/Gyn practice in helping them write their first prescriptions.